Ios, Greece has undoubtedly been my most exciting travel discovery recently. In my view, it ranks among the most beautiful islands in the Cyclades archipelago, easily rivaling the neighboring Santorini. While often associated with lively parties, Ios has much more to offer. From fantastic sandy beaches (among the best in the Cyclades) to breathtaking views and a charming capital, the island boasts numerous advantages. The casual atmosphere and delightful cuisine further contribute to ensuring you have a perfect vacation. Below, I present five compelling reasons why you should unquestionably consider Ios, Greece for your next getaway. Happy reading!

Ios, Greece: A Summer Escape - 5 Reasons You Can't Resist
Ios, Greece: A Summer Escape – 5 Reasons You Can’t Resist

1. Picturesque Beaches of Ios, Greece

One of the primary attractions drawing visitors to Ios is undoubtedly its collection of exquisite sandy beaches—over 35 scattered across the entire island! The crystal-clear waters, displaying various shades of turquoise, coupled with the perfectly soft and clear sand, create an ideal environment for relaxation. Sunbathing and swimming become a true pleasure in this idyllic setting.

The most developed and popular beaches reside along the west coast of the island, with the flagship being the expansive Mylopotas beach. This area boasts top-notch hotels with stunning sea views, a diverse range of restaurants, and a vibrant nightlife scene. Water sports enthusiasts will find ample opportunities for excitement. For a more tranquil experience, consider visiting during the off-season; I chose September, and the limited tourist presence made it an excellent time.

While in Ios, consider renting a car or a quad bike to explore the eastern part of the island. Here, hidden gems await, with secluded beaches providing a Robinson Crusoe-esque experience—especially if you arrive early in the morning. Agia Theodoti, with its picturesque hills, stole my heart. Despite limited amenities, including a few sun loungers and a pier, the beach offers a carefree escape.

Another noteworthy beach on Ios is Manganari in the southern part of the island. Comprising not one but two beaches nestled in charming coves, Manganari features perfectly clean and calm waters, making it family-friendly. Beachgoers can rent umbrellas and sun loungers, and a popular tavern is conveniently located nearby.

2. Ios, Greece Culinary Delights

Ios beckons food enthusiasts with its delectable local cuisine, especially a paradise for fish and seafood lovers. The renowned Drakos Tavern, situated at the end of Mylopotas Beach, has been serving the freshest catches for years. Beyond the exquisite culinary offerings, the tavern provides breathtaking views, creating an ideal setting for a romantic sunset dinner (advance booking recommended). Must-try dishes include octopus in vinegar and honey, orzo with seafood, and the catch of the day. Explore the tempting world of homemade desserts as well.

For a more sophisticated Greek and Mediterranean culinary experience, head to Almyra By The Sea restaurant in Mylopotas. This establishment not only serves delightful dishes but also offers a perfect spot for evening drinks. In the island’s capital, indulge in a feast at the traditional Sainis Tavern, nestled in the heart of the city, providing an authentic Greek atmosphere.

Beyond its delightful cuisine, Ios is renowned for exceptional sheep and goat cheeses. Cheese aficionados should visit the Diaseli Cheese Factory, boasting a long tradition. Here, you can not only savor delicious cheeses but also gain insights into their craftsmanship. A must-try is the Skotyri blue goat cheese, representing one of the oldest cheese varieties on the island.

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3. Charming Capital City of Ios, Greece

Chora, Ios, the island’s capital, emerges as the third compelling reason to explore this enchanting destination. Nestled amidst hills, it stands out as one of the most beautiful among all Cycladic towns. Traverse narrow streets adorned with souvenir shops, discover numerous hotels, cafes, and restaurants, and immerse yourself in the charm of Cycladic architecture, characterized by whitewashed houses complemented by blue accents.

Chora boasts an array of charming churches, with the prominent Church of Panagia Gremiotissa towering over the city. Ascend to this vantage point to witness breathtaking views of the sea and the surrounding area. The setting is particularly magical at sunset, but for a more serene experience, consider visiting early in the morning or during the day.

Adding to the allure, twelve historic windmills near Chora create a picturesque scene against the backdrop of the sea. Initially utilized for grinding barley and wheat, these windmills now serve as a captivating attraction for every visitor to Ios. Immerse yourself in the timeless beauty of Chora, where every corner tells a story of Cycladic charm and history.

4. Breathtaking Vistas in Ios, Greece

Ios stands as a haven for those seeking awe-inspiring vistas, and for many, it becomes the primary allure. This island is a canvas painted with captivating sunsets, offering a visual feast that beckons travelers from afar.

The iconic Panagia Gremiotissa church in Chora takes center stage as the most popular sunset-watching spot. Paired with the three towering churches that grace its vicinity, it forms an ideal backdrop for photographers. Given its popularity, especially during the high season, arriving early ensures a more intimate experience.

For a delightful evening, head to the Ios Club Sunset Dining Bar, where the name itself promises both delectable cocktails and a stunning sunset. Savor the moment as the sun dips below the horizon, casting a warm glow over the charming town of Chora.

Sunset aficionados shouldn’t miss the serene Agia Irini Church, just outside the port. The white church against the sun-kissed sea creates a nearly magical tableau. Compared to the bustling hill in Chora, this spot offers a more tranquil alternative without compromising on the enchantment.

The Odysseas Elytis open-air amphitheater, situated near Chora, is another gem for panoramic views. In the summer, it hosts captivating concerts, providing an opportunity to soak in the scenery while enjoying cultural performances.

Heading towards the east coast, make a pit stop at the viewpoint near the Agios Dimitrios chapel. Here, a spectacular panorama unfolds, showcasing the nearby Agia Theodoti beach and creating the perfect Instagram-worthy moment.

5. Fascinating Monuments of Ios, Greece

If the aforementioned reasons haven’t yet sparked your curiosity about Ios, its rich history and culture are sure to captivate your interest. Beyond the pristine beaches, the island boasts a tapestry of intriguing sights waiting to be explored.

Skarkos, the prehistoric settlement near the port, stands out as one of the most compelling historical sites on the island. Estimated to be around a thousand years older than Akrotiri in Santorini, Skarkos is a significant Cycladic excavation. Noteworthy for its distinctive round shape, the settlement rests atop a high hill, offering panoramic views of the port and the sea. The allure of Skarkos is best appreciated from a bird’s-eye perspective, showcasing a marvel frozen in time.

In the northern reaches of the island, remnants of the Byzantine fortress Palaiokastro await exploration. Strategically positioned at several hundred meters above sea level, this fortress once held a pivotal role in maritime route control. The elevated location not only adds to its picturesque charm but also promises a delightful stroll. On days of clear visibility, revel in the breathtaking vistas of neighboring Cycladic islands. Amidst the ruins, a charming church further enhances the historic allure.

The final, yet equally enthralling, destination on Ios is the tomb of Homer in Plakato. Perched on a scenic hill overlooking the sea, this tomb has become a popular tourist attraction. Local legend suggests that the author of the Odyssey and Iliad spent his last days on Ios, with the island being his mother’s birthplace. While the historical veracity remains uncertain, the journey to this site is worthwhile, offering not only historical intrigue but also panoramic views that add a touch of magic to your exploration of Ios.

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In summary, Ios, Greece stands out as an excellent destination for a delightful Greek vacation. It boasts splendid sandy beaches, breathtaking views, and numerous captivating landmarks. I hope all these features will entice you to choose this enchanting Cycladic island for your upcoming holiday. If you’ve had the pleasure of visiting Ios, do share your thoughts below! And if you found this article helpful, feel free to share it with your friends!

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